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Complete Restoration, keys in hand

What we offer

Vintage car restoration

Mechanical Restoration

Full Body spray panting

Vintage car restoration

Partial remaking of the sheet metal until the total reconstruction of the alluminium or iron shell.

Restoration of the frame on the abutment bench.

Restoration of the wooden parts.


Total revision of the mechanics.

Brake system, petrol.

Reconstruction of the missing parts.

Possibility of tranforming the2500 6c gear box from the steering wheel to the bell.

Suspension, transmission, gear box(*)

(*)On the 2500 6c gear box a complete restoration of the gears, modified seals and the syncronization of the 2nd gear.

Full Body spray painting

Paint stripping by heat.

Sand blasting.

Total or partial body spraying.

Testing and final road test with break-in at about 250km.